"Residential" refers to spaces primarily designed and utilized for living purposes. Normally, it called as “home”, where should be comfortable and functional, private, personalized and emphasis on livability of the occupants.

In this regard, Mandali Concept pays the effort to every renovation step for every project, from space planning, design and select the materials, coordinating with partners until the project completed. Regardless of condominium, terrace house, semidetached (semi-d) house or bungalow. Think from the client’s perspective.

We always direct communicate with the clients; understand client’s needs; monitor and report the project progress to the clients until the end of renovation.


Housing exterior offered by developers today has been greatly improved on overall aesthetics.
Since the developer has provide a quite nice house appearance, why we need exterior design ? There are some situations we need to do home exterior design and renovation:
  1. House Extension
House extension may require exterior renovations due to changes in family size, lifestyle preferences, or functional needs, which has changed the original house. For example, wet kitchen extension, expanding front yard/ car porch renovation, adding outdoor living spaces and patio & decking renovations.
  1. House Remodeling
Over the time, exterior can deteriorate due to weather conditions, wear and tear, or structural issues. It’s is necessary to do renovations to repair and maintain the house condition, including repair roof leaking, replace windows, replace cracked tile and so on.
  1. Personal Preference
House related to personal living space. The environment should be comfortable, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Some people prefer to renovate the house to improve it’s visual appeal and make it more attractive and safe. Common outdoor renovation ideas include home façade design, fence design, and landscape/ garden design.



Residential or home design is much more related to living space. Compare to commercial design, the residential interior design pays more attention on practical, comfortable and aesthetics.

After initial design and renovation consultation to understand client’s preferences, our designer will give renovation advices and ideas while customize the design style, space planning, materials and overall color selection that align with the client’s requirement.

It is a comprehensive process that transform an interior space from document to the reality. Our renovation services include dismantling and demolition/hacking, house extension (wet works), installation (false ceiling, wiring works, customized furniture/carpenter works) and others.

Every step of the renovation, we will keep monitoring the site conditions. Also, assisting our clients in selecting furnishings that match the overall ambiance of the interior.